Thursday, August 28, 2014

Single + Purposeful - Guest Post at Our Yellow Door

Hello my long lost blog friends! 
My goodness, it's been awhile.

 I will have to share in another post what this summer has held for me, but to sum it up, I would say craziness. I have quit my job in Charlotte, moved out of my place, said goodbye to some friends leaving the country, see-you-laters to Charlotte friends, and moved back in with my parents in the Raleigh area. All while planning a wedding. That's exhausting just to write. I will try to get in a weekly post, because this blog is a little slice of stress relief for me, which is a good thing right now. 

Anyways, we'll save all the details of that another time, but for today I wanted to let y'all know about a guest post I did over at Rachel's blog, Our Yellow Door. I wrote a little about my time as a single woman (not that long ago - just got engaged in April), and some lessons I learned while being single that hopefully will help you out, or someone you know! 


"As I was reading the other guest posts in Rachel’s singleness series, one word came to my mind about my time being single – purposeful. I wish I could say I had it together when I was single, but I did not. I don’t have it together now that I’m engaged, but I sure did learn a lot from my single years. I spent many years just longing for relationships instead of focusing my time and energy on deepening my relationship with God and being more purposeful about serving Him.
I heard and read a lot of things when I was single along the lines of if single women served God more, He would bring the perfect man along. And how far from the truth this is! As single women our purpose should never be to serve God to find a man, but to serve God because we love Him and want to use our talents to glorify Him."
To read the rest of the post, go check it out here
And be sure to give Rachel some love - she is a sweet girl, excellent blogger, and a great encourager. :)
P.S. I have added many new things to my Etsy, so check it out here, or click the Shop link at the very top of my page ^^^. Lots of new lovelies, just in time to start thinking about Christmas gifts! ;)