Wednesday, June 4, 2014

june goals.

Can y'all believe it is June already?! I can't! The year is flying by, but I'm trying to restart some good, healthy practices - emotionally, physically, spiritually. One of these will be setting goals for the month. I'm going to try this out, because I have found I need loose guidelines (aka not a daily to-do list, but something a little broader). True story: I got fed up with not accomplishing my to do lists every day, so I threw out my planner last month. Um...Yeah. 
So as you can see, I could use some guidance. ;)

1. Blog twice a week
2. Come up with a general blog schedule for the month
3. Photograph jewelry for Etsy sale
4. Have an Etsy sale
5. Finalize catering vendor for wedding
6. Make a tentative plan for July (it's going to be a crazzzzy month - moving & other good stuff!)
7. Declutter & downsize in prep for moving
8. Exercise 3x a week
9. Finish reading Isaiah
10. Complete pending jewelry & art projects for customers

So there we have it! A little lofty, but as work is slowing down, I think it is manageable. I've had a good start with #7, but there is so much more I can get rid of. I am moving out of my apartment towards the end of July and want to move as little stuff as possible!

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{{I'm linking up today with the Tiny Twig for these June Goals.}}

Do you set monthly goals for yourself, and does it help you? If you like, share a few in the comments below! I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I love your June goals! YES< I'm a big goal-setter (I even have goals e-products:))

    Found you on Hayley's link-up!