Saturday, May 24, 2014

noonday collection + giveaway!

Happy Saturday! 
I'm home at my parent's house for the weekend in Garner, and it is so beautiful out today! We're heading to the Raleigh Farmer's Market soon, which I love!

So, for some reason the HTML didn't work for me, but I still wanted to make sure y'all heard about this giveaway that Rachel is hosting over at Oh Simple Thoughts

The giveaway runs for a few more days so go to her page and enter! You will be entering to win the Del Mar Necklace from Noonday Collection. Here's what Rachel said about Noonday:
They are a jewelry and accessories company that gives back in big ways."Together with the Noonday ambassadors across the country, we offer you the opportunity to use your purchasing power to create change in the world {while looking really good along the way}. Your fashion sense can now restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, empower communities in Ecuador, and create business opportunities for Ugandans." Noonday sells beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more, all made by artisans in third world countries. Some of the money from every item bought goes back to these artisans to create a sustainable lifestlye for them and their communities. HOW AWESOME?!

I don't own anything from Noonday yet, but I love their jewelry, their style, their mission and vision and just about everything about them! At the beginning of this year I actually had a phone interview with someone from Noonday, but the position didn't work out for me due to its seasonal nature, but I still support and love what this company is doing. Beautiful vision + beautiful accessories. What else could you ask for??

Del Mar Necklace

Click the picture above to head over to Rachel's page to enter the giveaway! Gorgeous necklace!

{This giveaway not only benefits the artisans of Noonday, but also helps fund an adoption! Double win wooo!}

Now go outside + enjoy this weather!! :)

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