Monday, May 12, 2014

wedding inspiration.

Where have I been you may ask? Drowning under Pinterest wedding ideas. 
It is a blessing and a curse, my friends. ;)

My fiance (I just like how that sounds!) knows how easily overwhelmed I can get, so he thinks it's a good idea if I stay off of Pinterest for wedding ideas. And as vast as the black hole of Pinterest is, it has actually been helpful for organizing my thoughts and ideas for decorations, dresses, reception, etc.  

So to ease into the week since it's Monday, I'm going to share some wedding inspiration with y'all. Click each picture, and it will take you to my corresponding Pinterest boards. Enjoy the beautiful-ness!

Wedding Color Inspiration:


Wedding Flower Inspiration:

Our next bouquet recipe has a fall vibe and is filled with orange dahlias, peach stock, amaranthus, craspedia and fever few. Tied with a burlap wrap to give it a rustic look and feel. For the groom, Janie also designed a boutonniere that would match perfectly with this rustic wedding bouquet.

Table Centerpiece Inspiration:

Mint Gold Wedding, love the painted gold tree trunk!

Reception Inspiration:

rustic wedding

I have a few other Wedding Inspiration boards, so click here to check them out (and scroll to the bottom). I didn't want to overwhelm y'all with 15 different boards. haha ;) I'm still gathering ideas for some of them. I went wedding dress shopping this past Saturday with my Mom and sister, and found one I really really liked but it was $950...that's a tad over my budget. It's at a few other stores in the area, so I'm going to call around and see if there's a price difference at different stores. 

For those of you that are already married, what was helpful in your wedding planning stage? And what would you have changed? Feel free to tell all!! I'm all ears. :)

happy Monday!

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